Git Revert

git revert can be used to revert the changes you did in your git repository. One of the most useful case would be if you have already published your commits and of course, you won’t want to do a history rewrite. Then git revert lets you make a new commit cancelling out the effect of particular commit you specify.

git log

and note down the commit id of the latest commit you want to revert. Let us assume, it’s “b338b072ex1gd89a1a4eba8ge0d56jko“.

And then:

git revert b338b072ex1gd89a1a4eba8ge0d56jko

Then do git log again and see a new commit reverting the changes of last commit. Similarly, it can be done for multiple commits to, or a range of commits.

See more options @

Video demo:


2 thoughts on “Git Revert

  1. Writing first 5 characters of hash is enough, it will work.
    If you want to revert your latest commit, you can also use git revert HEAD.

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