See “less” output at a time

There are a lot commands/tools that produce a lot of output that we can’t see at once (and without scrolling). Most of the commands on terminal can be made to show us whole output page by page using “less” command.

less command_here

less ls -R ~/

or you may pipe the output to less command,

ls -R ~/ | less


or similarly, to see the contents of a file:

cat file_name | less

There are many commands/tools that have their own prompt.


For IPython, you may do:

%page variable_name


Similarly for MySQL,

pager less -SFX

Or you may also try:

SELECT * FROM sometable \G


Above commands will show you the output from start that you can navigate through using the arrow up/down keys or space (page by page). Press “q” to exit.


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