Vim: Add some text at the start/end of each line

Suppose, you have a file with 1000 lines. You want to add some text at the beginning/end of each line. You won’t think of doing it manually (actually, I can’t stop you). Here, I am telling you how to save you a lot of time.

For example, we have the following lines in the file:



Phone Number


And you want your output to be:



“Phone Number”,


and so on.

In Vim, you can simply type:


It will place “, at the end of each line.

Similarly, for beginning:


It will place ” at the beginning of each line.

Hence, we used $ for appending to end and ^ for prepending.

You can also do this for a few lines by visually selecting them with and then pressing : and type the command


Skip the “%” because we do it while doing things globally across the file. So it will look like:


Another method, if you want to type some text interactively on a couple of lines:


Select a few rows (downside, pressing j). After selecting the position in couple in all rows, press:

Shift + i

They type what you want. Then press the Esc key:


Now, wait 1 second. You’ll see same text to be replicated over all rows you selected.

Please share in comments, if you even easier method to do the similar.


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