FreeCAD manages its macros its wiki: Let’s take an example of a macro “Macro Image Scaling” whose code is at I needed to fetch the code from wiki and further process that.

Lately, I was doing some experiments to parse macro code from the FreeCAD wiki. Firstly, I used PyQuery. But it uses lxml which is a shared library and it was having some issues while packaging for Windows. As lxml is a shared lib and the available Python 2.7 lxml packages were built using VC9 (Visual C++) which isn’t compatible with FreeCAD’s python which is built with VC12. FreeCAD ships its own Python on Windows.

Then another day I found BeautifulSoup via Daman. It’s pretty good. You may see the use case here:

But while running this as macro in FreeCAD, the output gets printed to the report view. But after executing this macro, the report view kept on stopping at a particular character of fetched macro output code. This seemed to be some problem with length of string redirected to the report view. The code works fine in Python console.



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