IRC: Nickname is already in use

IRC is Internet Relay Chat. And it is a text-based protocol used for communication. It follows client/server architecture. There is a channel hosted somewhere on a server and you use your client application to connect to that server (channel).

I have used XChat IRC client and weechat (console based, for 2-3 times).

So coming back to the title of this post. Ah! You are probably here due to that only.

I had XChat set up on one operating system (let’s say Arch) and a nick registered e.g. mandeep_7. Now suppose, due to some reason, when I temporarily shifted to another operating system (let’s say Ubuntu). So if now I want to use the same Nick (/nick mandeep_7) then it will give the error: Nickname is already in use. There may be several reasons like sudden shutdown and you still are logged in to the particular server.

So what I tried is:

/ghost mandeep_7 password

Use your password instead of “password”. Now try the command /nick mandeep_7

You’ll now be able to identify yourself as old user (mandeep_7) on the new OS.

You should now try:  /msg NickServ identify <password>

Another thing to look for is linking.



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