Installing Yaourt on ArchBang

Yaourt (Yet AnOther User Repository Tool) is a wrapper for pacman which adds automated access to the AUR using the same syntax as pacman.

To put simply, there are some packages that you can’t install from the official repositories by the use of default package manager i.e. pacman. So to install packages from Archlinux User Repository (AUR), we need yaourt.

Following is the process of installing yaourt.

Check whether the dependencies (base-devel and yajl) are installed or not:

$ pacman -Ss base-devel  # check whether the package is installed
$ pacman -Ss yajl        # check whether the package is installed
$ sudo pacman -S base-devel yajl  # install if necessary


For a cleaner approach create a new directory and work there:

$ mkdir -p ~/temp/AUR/ && cd ~/temp/AUR/


Use the following commands to install package-query:

$ wget  # download source tarball
$ tar xfz package-query.tar.gz  # unpack tarball
$ cd package-query  &&  makepkg  # cd and create package from source
$ sudo pacman -U package-query*.pkg.tar.xz  # install package - need root privileges


Now install yaourt in the same way:

$ wget
$ tar xzf yaourt.tar.gz
$ cd yaourt  &&  makepkg
$ sudo pacman -U yaourt*.pkg.tar.xz


Then I tried installing git-cola using yaourt by:

yaourt -S git-cola


Here is my workaround for installing yaourt using above commands. The following is snippet from my history commands (neglect the numbers in the left column):

 3873  pacman -Ss base-devel
 3874  pacman -Ss yajl
 3875  sudo pacman -S yajl
 3876  mkdir -p ~/temp/AUR/ && cd ~/temp/AUR
 3879  wget
 3880  ls
 3881  tar xfz package-query.tar.gz
 3883  cd package-query
 3885  makepkg
 3886  ls
 3887  sudo pacman -U package-query*.pkg.tar.xz
 3888  cd ..
 3889  wget
 3892  ls
 3902  tar xzf yaourt.tar.gz
 3904  cd yaourt && makepkg
 3905  sudo pacman -U yaourt-1.7-1-any.pkg.tar.xz
 3907  yaourt
 3908  yaourt -S git-cola               #just to test if it works



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