Installing git-cola (git GUI client) on ArchBang

git-cola is a git client having a GUI. Visit to install for a different distribution or for further detail. There are many other GUI clients. You may see them on

Now it requires sphinx (for documentation) to be installed. So install it using:

sudo pip install Sphinx==1.3.3

It depends on python2-pyqt4 package. So install it using:

sudo pacman -S python2-pyqt4

Install tk (if not already installed):

sudo pacman -S tk

Note: If you don’t install tk and run git-cola it’ll give error like:

/usr/bin/gitk: line 3: exec: wish: not found

Now install git-cola using yaourt:

yaourt -S git-cola


There are two commands: git-cola and git-dag.

git-cola includes all the workflow like showing currently unstaged files (on right) and after clicking one of them, it shows in the left large pane. Also it uses gitk to visualize the branches.

git-dag includes the visual representation of the git log command and shows the diagram of the commits and all that.


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