Some unknown git commands

To loose the unstaged changes to a file (i.e. reverting to the committed changes) while using git:

git checkout <file-name>

It will not loose another unstaged or staged changes.

To show a log of commits:

git log

To show detailed log:

git log -p

To see the detailed log about a particular file:

git log -p coord.csv


To see a file at a specific commit, we have to first check the commit-id or hash using the git log commands explained above. You may copy a first few characters of a commit-id. The syntax for this is:

git show commit-id:filename

For instance,

git show f1a95c65900f5:coord.csv

This will show the file at that specific commit. You can also direct its output to a new file using the ‘>’ operator.

And to show all changes at that particular commit:

git show f1a95c65900f5

So to revert to all changes at a commit state:

git revert f1a95c65900f5

To revert one file to a particular commit:

git checkout <hash> <file path>

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