19th july

I installed reveal-md on the experimental server by using:

npm install reveal-md

And it got installed in the current directory (not system-wide) because the -g option (global) was not used.
On my local system I installed it with -g flag and I got executable in /usr/local/bin. But on server, I searched for any executable file but couldn’t find any. Tried locate reveal-md and got the file after looking the output microscopically.
It was in the folder node_modules/.bin/
So executed by giving the argument of presentation file:

./reveal-md ~/public_html/presention/presentation.md

So by default it works on port 1948. So it can be accessed at: http://lab.gdy.club:1948/presentation.md

Then I looked for some projects on freelancer.com and made bid on a few of them.


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