1st July – getColor modified

Today I tried to modify the function of getColor that I made some days ago. Now I added morphological operations into it.

Here is the getColor.m function. I reduced the number of arguments from 3 to 2 and set the value to 0.45.

function out = getColor(image,  color)
  Y = image(:,:,1)+image(:,:,2)+image(:,:,3);
  redChroma = image(:,:,1) ./ Y;
  greenChroma = image(:,:,2) ./Y;
  blueChroma = image(:,:,3) ./Y;
  threshold = 0.45;

  redBinary = redChroma > threshold;
  greenBinary = greenChroma > threshold;
  blueBinary = blueChroma > threshold;

    case 'red'
      out = manmorph(redBinary);

    case 'blue'
      out = manmorph(blueBinary);

    case 'green'
      out = manmorph(greenBinary);

      fprintf('Invalid color option. Use red, blue or green in single quotes only.');


Here is my function manmorph.m, that has been used above:

function out = manmorph(image)
  ip = iopen(image, ones(10,10));
  out = iclose(ip, ones(10,10));

Actually iopen and iclose functions processes erosion then dilation and dilation then erosion respectively. But I need to use only iopen or iclose function because I need only one process (erosion then dilation) but the blue circles were getting some white dots (unwanted blobs) so it worked by chance.

Today, also listened to the presentation by Gaganjyot on emacs (a text-editor). He explained about the features of emacs and how he uses his own key-bindings to make it more useful.


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