Day 6

LaTeX is a typesetting system that is used to create professional quality documents and that’s why we remember it for. Another reason from what it is remembered is its installation size. The command “apt-get install texlive-full” takes approximately 1.6 GB of bandwidth.

I had already installed it on my system. Today I tried to create debian packages to distribute it among others so that they don’t have to deal with huge installation size.

For this I used the commands ‘apt-cache rdepends‘ for checking dependencies of a particular package and ‘dpkg-repack‘ for packing a package into deb file (.deb – debian package).

First of all,

apt-cache rdepends texlive-full

All it depends on ‘texlive-base’. But when we apply the same command above on this package (apt-cache rdepends texlive-base) then it shows a long list of packages on which it depends.

I just redirected the output to a file:

apt-cache rdepends texlive-base >packages

Then I removed some of top entries from the file ‘packages’ because it was creating some error. To make the process easier I used a while loop to read list of packages from a file ‘packages’ and repacked.

while read line


sudo dpkg-repack $line;

done <packages

It will start packaging the .deb files into the current directory. So better create a new directory to keep files organized. Then copy these packages to target computer to install. Go to the directory containing the packages through terminal and fire the command:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

After completion it may result into some errors that some packages could not be installed. You may try to repack those specific packages again by checking their dependencies.

That’s it for this part.

Today I used awesome-screenshot plugin for firefox to take screenshots of whole web-pages of an online-course to  save material for later use.

For some Broadcom bcm4312 network card, the similar problem as previous post that the ‘Enable Wi-Fi’ option was not showing. So searched solution about it and got it solved using: System Settings > Software & Updates > Additional Drivers > and then installed the Broadcom wireless drivers.

Today I also searched and joined some online courses (moocs) and came to know about:


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