Added Models

After watching the animation a few times and discussing about it with others, we started created project named “bookingsystem” and then an app named “home”.

In home, there is a file, in which we created two models: Booking and Hall.

The model ‘Booking’ is having these fields:

  • hall (a foreign key to ‘Hall’ model)- This field is for the location where event is to be held.
  • date – It is for the date on which the booking is to be done.
  • start_time – The start time for the event to be held at the hall.
  • end_time – The end time of the event.
  • name – Name of the organizer
  • email – Email id of organizer
  • event_name – Name of the event to be held.
  • status – Status of the booking(To be decided by the admin).

The ‘Hall’ model has two fields (as of now):

  • hall – name of the hall
  • seats – number of seats available in the hall

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