25th June

Today it was a nice weather especially in the evening. Today I had no laptop at training with me because I had given it to service center due to the problem discussed in last post. But today, somehow I managed with my friend. Today there was only one presentation at 4 pm by my classmates Paramraj Singh and Bharat. They presented their views on the image manipulation software “GIMP”. GIMP is GNU Image Manipulation Program. This is an open source software. One can use it for photo retouching and image composition. This software mainly deals with raster type of graphics. Raster type graphics are those that uses pixels(small dots) to create an object. There are other useful Image editing products out there like Adobe Photoshop. But the major advantage of GIMP over Photoshop is that is an open source software and available for free to download. As for Photoshop, we have to pay Adobe to use it. The presentation was about the user interface (UI) of GIMP, so the seniors can get idea to develop a better UI for the LibreCAD v3 or other projects. I personally feel that GIMP has some inconsistent defaults like on its start-up, all the tool-bars are distributed all over the screen. As if by chance a beginner level user closed any of the tool-bar accidentally, then he may find it difficult to re-locate it. Hence every software has some merits and demerits. gimp_logo Ubuntu and Debian users can install it by typing the following command in terminal (Ctrl+alt+T) :

sudo apt-get install gimp

You can also download it by searching it in the Ubuntu Software Center or in Synaptic Package Manager. It is also available for Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded from here : Download GIMP for Windows (64-bit) Gimp Portable Application Other Linux and Mac OS-X users can go to GIMP’s official website to download appropriate package. Gimp free tutorials can be found here : Gimp tutorials


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