23rd June

Today our mentor Gagan assigned new tasks to our team. Again, me and Gurpinder together assigned a task of reading algorithm of hatch so that we can implement it in LibreCAD v3. Last time we were assigned the task of working with the LibreOffice Draw. So Gagan told us to give presentation on it. So we prepared for it a little bit and then we gave the presentation. Our seniors asked some questions about what we had studied about it. We presented its features and limitations. It was my presentation in GD. It was nice experience. Presentations are very essential to encourage you to speak, before people, on the stage to present (or give your views). Today there was a presentation on AutoCAD regarding paper-space and model-space by Charu and Chanpreet. They explained that at first a model is created in model-space and then one can switch to paper-space for printing purposes. So tomorrow will be off again and we will do our work at home.


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