22nd June

Today there were presentations by our seniors. First presentations was by Gurjot on GTK and Glade. Glade is used for Rapid Application Development (RAD).
Glade is basically used to create user interface of an application. It is similar to Qt. Glade file generated is a variation of xml (Extensible Markup Language). GTK is used to code the backend of an application created in Glade. GTK+ should be installed first on your system to install Glade.

Click Here to download glade.
When I was installing Glade, I came to the following errors:

Your intltool version is outdated (old version).

Then I installed it using following command:

sudo apt-get install intltool

There was another discussion by Albert on his GSoC project Material Database. He explained about his project. He wanted to add different materials like metals, non-metals, fluids etc. in a database, all materials having their own physical, chemical properties. He got advised from his friends that how to go forward in his project.


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