20th June

Today I have installed LibreCAD version 3 again on my system as our team was instructed by our mentor. So these are the steps to build LibreCAD version3:


First of all, install the dependencies (that are necessary for building process) used by entering (or copying) this command
in terminal  :

sudo apt-get install cmake libpango1.0-dev libpango-1.0-0

Press Enter and Enter your password (if prompted).

Goto any directory, for example, Desktop

cd /home/your-user-name/Desktop

Then clone libreCAD v3 from this link below by typing following command in terminal:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/gaganjyot/LibreCAD_3.git

You must have an account on http://github.com and you must have logged in I think. Here –recursive is used for cloning all files and directories as it is as on github repository. Basically cloning means copying files.

After the cloning process has been completed, there will be a new folder in your current directory named LibreCAD_3

Then move to the directory LibreCAD_3 using following command:

cd LibreCAD_3

#Beginner’s Tip: You can press the TAB key on your keyboard while typing long directory names to autocomplete the name, e.g. while typing the above command just type cd Li and press TAB, then you will see  its full name.

git checkout workingcmake

The above command is for changing the branch. Please anyone give some review on above command.

Then go to the previous directory by typing:

cd ..

Then make a new directory with the ‘mkdir’ command by typing following command:

mkdir build

This will create a new directory named ‘build’ in the current directory. If a directory is already there on the desktop with the same name, then delete it first or rename it.

Then go to the newly made directory :

cd build

Then type the following command :

cmake ../LibreCAD_3/

The above command will take a few seconds to complete, then type the following command :

make -j2

After running this command, your executable file for LibreCAD will be created.

Then we can execute the LibreCAD 3 with the following command:


The lcUI is the folder in the newly created ‘build’ folder and ‘UI’ is the name of the executable file.  We use ./ to execute a file directly from the terminal and one can also execute the file by double clicking on it or simply pressing Enter on it.

Then my LibreCAD worked fine. Then our team mentor told us to build it using different branch i.e.

git checkout pkgconfig

Then I repeated same process again. I got some errors that time, I don’t know why but then I cloned the LibreCAD again by deleting my old directories LibreCAD_3 and build. Then it worked fine. 🙂

By the way, here is the link to my output errors that I have recently talked about : http://goo.gl/JAUX8X

@Anyone, why I faced that error, please explain if possible. And please suggest if I have written something wrong.


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