18th June

Today the presentation was on SolidWorks 2014 by Chetan Sharma. SolidWorks is a computer aided design software that runs on Microsoft Windows. SolidWorks can be used by mechanical and civil engineers to create designs.
Basically SolidWorks have 3 components to start drawing on :

  •  Parts
  • Assembly using parts
  • Drawing using assembly and parts

Then he made a figure using entities like circles and lines.
Then he used the extrude feature to convert 2D figure into 3D figure. Then he cut some portion from the 3d figure and shown different views of it. He made a beautiful part of a machine easily. Then at last he showed the original video showing making the same machine. That video showed the possibilities of SolidWorks that how complex designs can be made. One can also apply a force on the components to study the motion of the particular machine. He showed the movement of the machine using mouse.
This feature of SolidWorks made everyone to say “wow”.

Some of the features of SolidWorks are :

  • One can draw 2D drawing and convert it to 3D by simple clicking on “Extrude” option.
  • Once the 3D design is ready, its top, front, side and even isometric views can be generated automatically without creating them again.
  • Once we have given dimensions to a drawing and generated different views. And then we change some dimensions in any one view then all views have same dimensions automatically. This software is more efficient than softwares like AutoCAD because we have to re-dimension everything. So, it was a great presentation.

In the evening, I tried to install Windows 8 on my laptop then the “grub loader” of Ubuntu 14.04 was gone. Me and my friends tried some methods but it didn’t get back properly. I will describe it in the later post.


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