13th June

Today It was very hot weather. Today there were two presentations. One of the presentation was on SASS i.e. “Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets”. Ruby, Compass should be installed first to use it.
SASS is similar to CSS. But it supports some good features like inheritance. It means any object of a class can inherit properties from object of another class. Properties may include color, size, padding, margin etc. The properties can be inherited using the “@import” keyword. SASS is an extension of CSS that uses advanced rules and features.
We use compass to convert SASS code into CSS code so that we can use it anywhere or we can link to our HTML code. I liked the concept and presentation.

The other presentation was based on tommorow’s concept of “fast Inverse square root”. The presentation was presented by Satwant Kaur. She explained the concept of Pointers very well.
I had created some logos in LibreCAD v3 :
Code for the first logo is : Logo1 Code Link LibreCAD logo
Code for the second logo is : Logo2 Code Link LibreCAD logo


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